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Don't stress about overpacking, we've got you covered! Vonnie's Charters at Halibut Point Lodge provides all of the rain gear, boots, and fishing gear you'll need for a successful fishing trip. Just remember to bring a couple personal items. For your convenience, we've created a printable checklist for your trip. 

Packing List

To download the packing list listed on this page. Click the yellow button above that reads "Download Packing Checklist." Please know, the items on this list are only our suggestion for a few items and not a collective list of all of the items you may want on your trip. The climate in Sitka, Alaska is temperate, and ranges from 45° to 70°F in the summer months with intermittent rain showers daily and occasional heavy rain. It is best to assume it will rain at some point but that has never stopped us from having a good time on the water!


We recommend long wool socks as they are warmer and dry more quickly than cotton. Some brands we trust to keep our feet warm are fleece or wool socks from Costco, REI brand, Darn Tough, or Smartwool.


Synthetic baselayers will keep you dry and warm under your raingear. It is better to dress in layers (for example: merino wool baselayer, fleece sweater, additonal jacket for warmth if needed).


We recommend synthetic layers like fleece or merino wool over cotton sweatshirts because they dry more quickly and wick motion from the rain more often.


We suggest dressing in layers in case the sun decides to pop out. It's a good idea to pack a t-shirt or light longsleeve with you.


This one isn't a requirement but a baselayer like fleece pants or long johns will help you keep warm on your trip. REI sells fleece pants (REI Co-Op Teton Fleece Pants) that range in size for about $50 to $100.


Although rubber raingear is provided on the boat, we recommend a rain jacket if you plan on walking around Sitka at any point. The rubber raingear is great on the boat but isn't the most breathable for walking for extended periods.


Outdoor shoes are removed when in the dining area. For comfort and cleanliness, its nice to have slippers or indoor shoes you can wear around the lodge.


Packing your own rainboots is optional as we provide a pair to all of our guests but some guests like to bring their own boots that are worn their their foot shape because you'll be on your feet a majority of the day. Alternatively, you could put your own sole inserts in our rainboots for added comfort.


Rubber gloves can be cheaply bought at the local supplier LFS, but on some occasions they run out of gloves (L and XL in particular) so its best to bring your own gloves for the trip. We recommend gloves that are relatively warm and/or waterproof but not too thick so they don't effect your abilty to feel the bite.


You will want sunglasses on the water to protect your eyes from glare and any hooks that may go flying. Polarized sunglasses will allow you to see fish coming up to the surface more clearly and provide more glare protection. We highly recommend keeping a glasses cleaning cloth in one of your pockets because it is likely to intermittently rain throughout the day.


Don't forget to bring cash for gratuities on your trip, as it is a great way to show appreciation to the staff who work hard to make sure your trip a memorable one. It's common practice in the industry for each guest to tip the boat an average of $50 to $100 per fishing day and is much appreciated by the crew.


Your boat crew would love to take photos of you with your catch!


Many people often bring handwarmers to keep in their pockets and warm their hands when we're moving from one fishing spot to another. This is optional but it does help make fishing more comfortable.
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