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Fishing in Sitka is unique because its location on the outer coast of Southeast Alaska provides the opportunity to specifically target multiple species in the same day. According to Alaska Fish and Game, Sitka also has the highest catch rates of king salmon (5x greater than Ketchikan and 7x greater than Juneau!).


There are three styles of fishing you can expect to learn from your guide: mooching for salmon, bottom-fishing for halibut, and jigging/mooching for rockfish and lingcod.



Mooching is a fishing technique where each angler uses their own rod to vertically work bait through the water to attract salmon, without a big hook-set required.


We set anchor on the outer coast at depths of 200 to 700 ft deep. We use heavy-tackle, larger hooks and stinky-bait to target halibut on the ocean-floor. 



We look for rocky bottoms on our depth-finder to target rockfish and ling cod. We make this style of fishing more "sporty" by using light tackle and unique jigs.



Our charter fishing fleet in Sitka, Alaska is a great choice for both novice and experienced anglers. We use the exciting “mooching” method, which allows each angler to hook their own salmon. Unlike other techniques, every angler will have their own rod, giving you the opportunity to catch your own fish while others do the same! Our knowledgeable guides have extensive experience in the local fishing grounds and use Garmin depth finders to locate schools of bait fish. Once we find an area with favorable fishing conditions, we'll set a drift that lets you work your line vertically through the bait to attract feeding salmon. After setting the drift, your captain will recommend a depth to fish at, and you'll use your Shimano depth-counting reel to drop your line to that depth.

Mooching can take a bit of time to get the hang of, but it's definitely worth it once you learn to recognize the subtle and thrilling salmon bite. As you're dropping, you'll feel for a bite. Once you're at the recommended depth, you'll begin reeling in to make your bait spin in the water and attract fish. When you feel a bite, there is no need for a big hook-set, just start cranking to reel the fish in. Our crew will help you navigate other lines on the boat while the other anglers continue fishing for even more fish.

Throughout the day, your captain will determine an appropriate time to switch species and fish for halibut and/or rockfish, considering the amount of fish that has been already been caught, the ocean conditions, and your input. Scent and location matter most for halibut. To fish for halibut, we'll drive to the outer coast and anchor. Once the bait hits the bottom, the smell begins to attract halibut and it becomes a waiting game. Generally, once one halibut starts to come into the scent, more will follow. Once we've caught halibut, we'll determine the next plan based on time of day.


We like to say that once you've fished in Sitka, you've been spoiled for life, because there are no other fishing grounds that can match Sitka's abundance and beauty. So whether you're a seasoned angler or a first-timer, join us at our charter fishing lodge in Sitka for an unforgettable fishing adventure!



The Fleet

Our fleet is specially designed for fishing in the challenging conditions of the North Pacific. We have 3 custom-built Allen Marine boats, each measuring 32.5 feet by 9.5 feet, that are powered by twin Honda 250s on the AquaColt and AquaCat, while the Legasea is powered by a Volvo Penta diesel 380HP dual prop engine. With our powerful engines and custom design, our boats can cut through the waves with ease, allowing you to reach even the most remote fishing spots.

Our boats are designed with full walk-around decks, allowing you to move around freely and follow your fish as you reel them in. Additionally, we understand the importance of comfort during your fishing trip, which is why our boats are equipped with heated cabins to keep you warm and cozy between drifts.

We also have high-end Garmin electronics, including fish finders, radar, GPS, and VHF radios, to help us locate the best fishing spots and communicate with our team. With our top-of-the-line equipment and custom design, our fleet is the perfect choice for your next fishing adventure in the North Pacific.




Salmon rods: G.loomis 8’6” to 9’  

Salmon reels: Shimano Tekota line counter reels 

Salmon line: high viz 30lb main line

Salmon leaders/hooks:  40-50lb 6'-8’ leader with 2 Gamakatsu hooks



Halibut rods: Shimano, Cousins, and Lamiglas halibut rods

Halibut reels: Large Shimano Tekotas, Penn reels, Diawa electric reels

Halibut line: 100lb high viz braid 

Halibut leaders: 200lb 

Halibut hooks: Circle hooks, and jigs 


Note: We catch a variety of different species on each set up. Feel free to bring your own light tackle to fish for black bass. Fly rods are always welcome and can be fun to land a rockfish or a nice ling on a 7-10wt rod.

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